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Welcome To Vanity Factions by Vanity Network, Here At Vanity Network We Create Realms For Players Of The MCBE Realm Community To Play On, Over At Vanity Network We Strive To Add As Many Features To Our Realms As Possible, So That Our Members Are Happy, No Matter How Much Time It Takes, Or How Many People We Have To Help Us Out!

How to Play




The name of the server type, faction, is one of the most essential aspects of a factions server. Factions allow you to collaborate with other players in PVP, construction, and other activities. You are not permitted to harm a member of your faction. Simply type /f create to start a faction (your faction name) It's worth noting that you can only join one side at a time. You may now ask others to join your faction. By using the /f invite command, you may invite others (player you want to invite). If you request a person to join your faction, he or she must use the command /f join (your faction name). There are several ranks within a faction. There are three types of people: leaders, officers, and members. Simply type /f promote to promote someone in your faction (whoever you want to promote).




How to Find Bases




If you're new to Factions, you should probably start by joining another Faction on the server rather than establishing your own. They will be able to assist you.
Finding bases is another important aspect of Factions. On large maps, this may be more difficult than you realize. Some of the greatest bases are entirely concealed and do not appear on maps, but they will not be protected and will be easy to pillage. 


Vanity Factions Discription PictureVanity Factions Discription PictureVanity Factions Discription PictureVanity Factions Discription PictureVanity Factions Discription Picture


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