TBOI's Seasonal Decorations V2 (Christmas Update!)

Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

This add-on adds a plethora of high-quality and vanilla-friendly holiday-themed decorations, items, costumes, pets, and mounts! Celebrate the Festive season now with dozens of High-Quality Christmas Blocks, Items, Costumes, and more added with the newest update! Additionally, if you want to get into the spooky spirit, you can still decorate your builds with the vast number of Halloween decorations added in precious updates. Have fun mixing and matching! 

Quick Video Overview


The Big Onion Institute's Seasonal Decorations is essentially what it sounds like. This add-on is aimed primarily at adding high-quality Holiday decorations with a distinct vanilla-friendly feel. All of these decorations are designed to fit with the base game, and can even look good outside of the holiday season!

Christmas is Here!

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As of Version 2, Christmas-themed decorations have been added to the game to fit alongside the existing Halloween selection. Just as with last time, there is an alternate download that includes a showcase world for you to explore!


Everything in this add-on can be obtained in one of three ways. The first and easiest way is to use the "Spawn All items" item included in the creative inventory. This spawns two barrels that contain everything currently included. The next two methods are survival-friendly. You can Buy Them from a Seasonal Trader or Craft them from a Seasonal Crafting Table. Seasonal Traders are similar to wandering traders, except they only spawn under certain conditions. Halloween Traders only spawn at night and will disappear during the day, while Christmas Traders only spawn in cold biomes. They are the only way of obtaining Seasonal Crafting tables that are needed to craft every decoration.

All Crafting Recipes can be found in the new Recipe Books sold by their respective traders...

Christmas Crafting Recipes

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Decorational Top Snow:

I feel like this decoration warrants an explanation of how it works. This snow block is crafted from a seasonal crafting table or bought from a trader. Once placed, it will appear to cover any block beneath it with a snow texture like how regular snow covers grass blocks. Its shape can be changed by clicking/tapping on it with the block you'd like it to take the shape of. For instance, you would click on it using a stair block to get it to be the shape of a stair. Tap it multiple times to cycle through all the different variations of each block type. Currently, it works for Slabs, Stairs, Fences, and Walls as shown below.

TBOI's Seasonal Decorations V2 (Christmas Update!) Discription Picture

Halloween Decorations Overview!


TBOI's Seasonal Decorations V2 (Christmas Update!) Discription Picture
TBOI's Seasonal Decorations V2 (Christmas Update!) Discription Picture

New as of V1.1

As of Version 1.1, Halloween-themed Costumes and Pets have been added to complement the existing decorations. Now you and your pets can fit right into any spooky builds you may have. Currently, there are 10 Costumes and 4 Pets. All of these can be obtained from their respective Treat Bags that can be bought from the Seasonal Trader


Skeleton Wolf: Slightly stronger than the average wolf. They drop their summoning whistle when they die which means they are functionally immortal.

Spectral Cat: A floating cat that slows creepers in addition to scaring them away. They are the ultimate creeper defense. Also drops its summoning item when killed.

Jack O' Lantern Pet: A little hopping pumpkin that follows you around and emits light. Their color can be changed with dye and their face can be randomized with shears.

Ghost Pet: A small ghosty boi. He shoots little globs of ectoplasm at any monsters you attack. While not doing very much damage, these globs slow down any monsters they hit.


All costumes are armor pieces obtained from the Treat Bag: Costumes. They don't provide that much protection, but never break (that'd be annoying...). You can enchant them, however. Frankly, the enchanted demon wings or vampire cloak look really cool...

Halloween Crafting Recipes


TBOI's Seasonal Decorations V2 (Christmas Update!) Discription Picture
TBOI's Seasonal Decorations V2 (Christmas Update!) Discription Picture

*These only work at a Seasonal Crafting Table


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Broomsticks are rare flying mounts that can only be obtained from Seasonal Traders. They may be expensive, but they are well worth the price! You control them the way you control a horse, except, once you jump, they will fly up or down based on where you are looking. Punching them will break them back into their item form (think of how boats work). I can only imagine the types of fun games you can come up with involving these!

Autumn Trees:

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This add-on also comes with a new type of tree, the Autumn Tree. Their saplings can be bought from the Seasonal Traders and are fully functional! They are perfect for giving a fall feel to any build!

Effect Blocks and Sound Blocks:

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New to this add-on are effect blocks and sound blocks. Effect Blocks and Sound blocks are togglable blocks that, as the name implies, create sounds and particle effects at their location. When you interact with them, you can cycle through their different states to achieve the desired effect. Both types of blocks are great for establishing a spooky mood for your builds. My personal favorites are the fog machines...

Showcase World:

TBOI's Seasonal Decorations V2 (Christmas Update!) Discription Picture


Last but not least is the Showcase World! It is a fully decorated Halloween town showing many different potential uses for the decorations included with this add-on. Special Thanks to my good friend Alex. He helped quite a bit with a lot of different builds featured in the world.



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