Super Mansion [Redstone]

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The Super Mansion is a modern home which features lots of redstone creations. For example, the entrance of the house requires a secret passcode to enter. There are several hidden storage rooms all throughout the mansion. Basically everything which can be used for something requires some type of redstone mechanism to be enabled and accessed.

Creator: SswizZGaymer

Finding the Mansion

The spawn on top of a large mountain. Not far from spawn you should be able to see a village. Go to the village and past it to reach the mansion. All signs are in Spanish or Portuguese. But just read down below to learn how to enter the mansion and some other stuff.

At the entrance of the mansion there is a chest on the left. Take the notes from the chest and drop 2 notes at the right corner of the entrance to open the iron doors. Once you are inside most of the things are quite easy to understand, even if you don't understand the sign explainations.

Super Mansion [Redstone] Discription PictureSuper Mansion [Redstone] Discription Picture

The bottom floor consists of one large living room with couches, a table and a fireplace. The fireplace is more than just a fireplace. Press the button on the left side to be able to enter a storage room.

Super Mansion [Redstone] Discription Picture

The second floor connects multiple rooms which can be accessed by normal doors and also hidden passages. There are also a bunch of automatic armor wardrobes.

Super Mansion [Redstone] Discription Picture

Access the Nether through the mouth of a creeper.

Super Mansion [Redstone] Discription Picture

The master bedroom consists of a large bed and a flat screen TV.

Super Mansion [Redstone] Discription Picture

A secret stable to keep all your animals safe.

Super Mansion [Redstone] Discription Picture

There are lots more to explore than this but we'll leave that for you to explore by yourself!


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