Stackable mobs

Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

Tired of LAG, add this stackable mobs addon to your world and have all mobs stack and reduce lag by only having one entity. Easy to edit mobs and easy to add more mobs to be able to be stacked. This is a gametest addon and because of this you will need to enable experimental features


Stackable mobs Discription Picture

Stack Mobs Supper easily and reduce lag by just adding this pack to your world


This addon stacks almost every mob:

Stackable mobs Discription Picture

Current Mobs:

































You can add more mobs supper easily by just editing the config.js file in the pack

Stackable mobs Discription Picture


Watch Smelly of currys video on it:


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Very Good Post
May 22nd 2022
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Very Good Post
May 22nd 2022
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seangsavanh pmp Very Good Post
May 25th 2022
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Reverse History didntwork unknow pack name
Jul 8th 2022
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why didnt it work
Jan 31st 2023
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