Squid Games Red Light / Green Light Map Download

Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

From the hit Netflix series "Squid game" the red light green light map has been brought to Minecraft! Download and play this map now with fully working functionality, playthrough, and multiple-round survival. Play by yourself or with friends! 

How to play?

If you don't stop moving when the doll stops talking, you'll die.

When the doll begins to speak, you may begin moving.

Your objective is to cross the finish line alive.

Multiplayer Mode is available on the map, and you can restart the game and play it again at any moment.


Squid Game is a new Kdrama (Korean Drama) series that has soared to the top of the rankings in a matter of days, and I highly suggest it (no spoilers rn hehe)

This map intends to bring material in the form of entities, items, structures, and other stuff to that game.

In the Squid Game series, we currently have guards such as the Squad Guard, Triangle Guard, and Circle Guard, all of which drop "money" when destroyed! In addition, we have two new dungeons that spawn seldom and are based on chambers from the TV show!




Download Skins to from Kiwi


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