Smelly Sidebars V1

Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

Create custom personal sidebars with beautiful-looking UI and fast and easy-to-use commands. This is a pack for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18+ and is compatible with all devices on MCBE/MCPE. Download now.

Smelly Sidebars V1 Discription Picture

Amazing Looking sidebars are supper easy and can be created instally

Smelly Sidebars V1 Discription Picture

Typing in command help you add this to your world

This command will display like the picture:

titleraw @a title {"rawtext": [{ "text": "\n\n\n\n\n §•§l§cYour Stats:§r" },{ "text": "\n§r§l  • §7Time Played: §f${0}" },{ "text": "\n§r§l  • §7Money: §a$${0}" },{ "text": "\n§r§l  • §7Kills: §c${0}" },{ "text": "\n§r§l  • §7Deaths: §c${0}" },{ "text": "\n\n §l§cFaction Info:§r§l" },{ "text": "\n§r§l  • §7Name: §fN/A" },{ "text": "\n§r§l  • §7Role: §fN/A" },{ "text": "\n§r§l  • §7Power: §fN/A" },{ "text": "\n\n §\n §\n " }]}

Download Below


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thank you so much for creating this smelly
May 22nd 2022
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Alban Jaud Very Good Post
Jun 28th 2022
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Jul 7th 2022
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Very Good Post
Aug 4th 2022
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Mohaimin baseer how to change the name of the realm on the score baord
Aug 8th 2022
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it works but when i try to add money it says added money but doesnt update the sidebar
Aug 11th 2022
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GAMETUBE FN Very Good Post
Aug 23rd 2022
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bedrock doogile linkvertise dosent work -_-
Sep 25th 2022
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leland freeman Very Good Post
Oct 9th 2022
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