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Published 1st Feb 2023 by geeking creeper

Server + is an addon used to help moderate worlds, servers, and realms. run /function help for more info. Staff members can vanish and unvanish using /function vanish & /function unvanish, Players can tp to a hub entity with a custom item.    

Server + made by geeking creeper This pack includes :
Items :
-Back to spawn item, (right click) tps the player to a hub entity
Entities :
-Hub, rename a hub spawn egg, place it down to mark your spawn
-Floating text, rename the floating text and place it down
Run /kill @e[type=geek:text] to kill all text
Run /kill @e[type=geek:hub] to kill all hubs
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/function :
-help - help commands
-hub - tps you back to spawn
-start - starts the server addon
-vanish - makes the player invisible
-unvanish - makes the player visible
-fly - gives you fly perms in gms/a/c
-items - gives you illegal items
-links - general links (to edit go server + BP > functions > links to)
-eclear - clears everyone’s ender chest with the tag eclear
-mute - mutes everyone with the tag mute
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Rename a hub spawn egg and place it down to mark your spawn place down 2 command blocks with the commands :
-/function eclear
-/function mute
Set them to always active repeat in a ticking area
-Requires holiday creator features and education edition
-add the BP and RP -Run /function start then /function help for all the info
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