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This is the Royals Smp! The Royals Smp has currently 2.8k members and you can be one too! There are many features in joining the Royals Smp, such as jobs players can take, a crypto-currency/stocks/money system, time-played rewards and clans that you can join!


There are many jobs in the smp! Each job plays a role in keeping the smp functioning and running.

Police: They have the ability to ban players such as rule violators and hackers.
Builders: They are the community builders of the smp. They build many community builds whether it is for spawn or for mini-maps.

Royals Smp Discription Picture

Community build by the builders



The currency of the Royals Smp is called Royal Bucks. Royal Bucks can be used to exchange for goods and services at the various shops available at spawn! Some items being sold include kits, netherite ingots, diamonds, totems of undying and much more! You can even buy more generators so you can continue farming and go on to try to be one of the richest of the Royals Smp! The generator is open 24/7, producing about 1 Royal Buck every 30 seconds. The generator is similar to one of a bedwars generator. The generator is at spawn.

Events such as lotteries and mini-games can help you earn more!

The currency can't be forged, they have an unknown letter, font and color in the name of the currency, and I imprinted a specific data set into them so I can distinguish which is fake and which is real.


Time-Played Rewards

There is a time tracker to track how long you play for in the smp. When you reach a certain time, for example 60 minutes, you will automatically receive a prize. This will continue in intervals, with the prize values increasing and increasing.



In the Royals Smp, there are many clans that you can join! Each clan is unique, having secret bases, riches and a working community!

Royals Smp Discription Picture
Royals Smp Discription Picture
Royals Smp Discription Picture
Royals Smp Discription Picture

Clans and their bases and wars


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