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RainyLands A Minecraft Bedrock Realm with a big community to play with and enjoy! This Realm has tons of features to try such as custom powerups, dungeons, a MASSIVE PvP map and more!


A Minecraft server with a great BIG Community that contains so many features including:


A **HUGE CUSTOM** PvP Area with a variety of events!


RPG ( Dungeons ) with **DIFFERENT** Dungeon Levels, Cosmetics, custom mobs, bosses, mines, and more to experience!


A Custom **SCOREBOARD, LEVEL UP System**, and **CUSTOM POWER UPS** to use with plenty of other custom features made by US!


Minigames and Duels Containing:

> Sumo FFA

> Combo FFA

> Classic FFA

> Parkour

and more to come soon!


**ADVANCED** Shop, Kit and Rank Shop, Converters, Crates, Prestige, Custom Crafting, and an Infinite Vault System!


Donator Perks

> Donator Role / Tag

> Donator Mansion and Rooms

> Donator Kit ( Claimable every two Weeks )

> Donator Vault

> Donator Shop

and much more to discover!


Join us now and become a part of our BIG Rain Community!


Realm Code - Hcgo_cWj-i8

Link - https://realms.gg/Hcgo_cWj-i8


Discord Server - RzMQaMNyKT

Link - https://discord.gg/RzMQaMNyKT


Server's Tiktok Account



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