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Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

My KitPvp started a few months ago and has a lot of things to do! I have lots of balanced kits, fun events and parkour, an ok anti-cheat, players stats, money for kills, and more! I hope you join my kitpvp!

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An Overview of the server




We have many things to do in my Kitpvp that do and dont require PVP. We have fun games like zombie apocalypse and sumo. We also have K.O.T.H or king of the hill stand on the gold block on the floating island to get money when it is active. Every once and awhile the boss will spawn. It is a very fast and buffed zoglin and it has a 50% chance to drop a rare key (end rod). Mining is a good way to make money. buy a pick or find one in zombie apocalypse there are different types of pickaxes, wood, stone, iron, diamond, and netherite. each pick can mine different ores like stone can mine iron and coal and diamond can mine coal, iron, copper, gold, and diamond. Hope you have a great time!




What is a Kit PVP Realm




Kit PVP is a PVP-oriented server variant (Player vs Player). Each kit has its own distinctive items and the players must select from among categories of kits. These kits are used to battle one another, often gaining points and respect.




Selecting the Kit PvP game type in the Multicraft Control panel at Apex Hosting is as simple as picking the version from the drop-down menu! Restart your server and you're set to go.


OverWorld KitPvp Discription Picture


OverWorld KitPvp Discription Picture




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