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Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

This addon adds 9 more minerals to your Minecraft BedrockThis addon will help you make your minecraft easier, Because the minerals that it adds are easy to obtain and give items that you need to finish your minecraft

This addon adds 9 new minerals to your minecraft bedrock so that you can finish minecraft easier, each mineral gives you the loot shown in its image But do not trust there is a troll mineral be careful to chop the minerals.


In the normal world add 5 new minerals appear in the mines look for them to see what you get from them.
It depends on the layer you are in, the ores will appear

Ores Custom Discription Picture



In the nether there are 3 new loves, there is a very unusual one, look for it if you can.

Ores Custom Discription Picture

 In in end add a mineral search and discover what you get

Ores Custom Discription Picture



If you support the addon, it will bring new updates.


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