One Player Sleep Script Addon

Published 1st Feb 2023 by Adrian

Wanted to play and have some fun with your friends especially at day time in Minecraft, and avoid phantoms? Sick of all players must lay on their respective beds, just to survive the night, and never be bothered with mobs at night lurking, and attacking? This Addon is all you need especially for multiplayers, and if you are a content creator that does not want to modify the player.json. One Player Sleeping System, you can just add this to your stack of behavior packs. This addon only contains a BEHAVIOR PACK and nothing else. 

- Compatible with other addons
- Good for Multiplayer Plays
- Easy to use
- No Player json
- GameTest Framework

  • You cannot Post/Repost/Upload this addon to any hosting website/webapp or Media Sharing Website/Webapp or here in MCPEDL.


Since Mojang didn't added the "isSleeping" component for GameTest Framework, I created my own component to detect how will a player sleep, without modifying the player.json, since that is my goal. With this Addon you can enjoy your addon packs gameplay, and easy to activate or put to your own world. Hope this addon helped you, especially for Content Creators. Feel free to look at my js file, since it has comments to give you a walk through. If you want to add this to your behavior packs.


Lastly, Supports and Feedbacks are highly appreciated. Thank you, and have fun!!


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