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#1 Bedrock Anti-Cheat comes with anti-32K, anti-hacked items, anti-nuker, anti-crasher, anti-CBE, anti-command block exploit, anti-illegal blocks, and more. Minecraft Bedrock Realm/Server Anti-cheat works on Xbox, PlayStation, Windows 10, Switch, and any other compatible Minecraft Bedrock device. This is an anti-cheat for Minecraft's popular hack client, Horion. The best anti-cheat on Minecraft bedrock! Over 200+ protections and better than anything out at the moment. Tired of those trash hackers and toolbox losers. Rubedo is one of the top anti-cheats for Minecraft Bedrock. this anti-cheat uses scrips and is by far the best made so far. In this short, I show my updates on what I'm working on with the anti-cheat with fly and jetpack protection. 


Welcome to Rubedo, Rubedo is a brand new Anti-cheat designed for Realms, Servers, Worlds, and anyone who wants to protect their worlds from Hackers! Rubedo Uses Minecraft's Most advanced functionality so that includes Gametest.


Rubedo is coded in the Brand new Smelly API V4. This API is extremely Powerful it builds and expands all the possibilities making this anti-cheat possible

- Check out Smelly API: https://github.com/smell-of-curry/Smelly-API


See all commands in-game by running **-help** in chat, All Moderation commands

Require the `STAFF_TAG` by default it is `bd2b2da8-2811-4fb0-8bbd-b544dd01c2ff`

If you change it in the manifest you will need to give a different tag.

Also please note that whenever it asks for a player name or something

that would require you to add spaces and use quotes around your argument.


Ban a Player for a length:

-ban <player: string> <length: int> <unit: string> [reason: string]

The unit can be one of `years | yrs | weeks | days | hours | hrs | minutes | mins | seconds | secs | milliseconds | msecs | ms`

Or a date formatted like `smhdwy`


-ban "Smell of curry" 20 mins "Hes too good"

-ban "Smell of curry" 5 days "Hacking"

Unban a banned player

-unban <player: string>


-unban "Smell of curry"

Freeze a player

This stops the player from moving

-freeze <player: string> <reason: string>


-freeze "Smell of curry" Hacking

Unfreeze a frozen player

This stops the player from moving

-unfreeze <player: string>


-unfreeze "Smell of curry"

Spectate the world

This Changes you into a spectator mode where you are completely invisible


Mute a player for lengths

NOTE: The unit works the same as the ban command

-mute <player: string> <length: int> <unit: string> [reason: string]


-mute "Smell of curry" 5 hrs "Sending bad stuff in chat"


Regions are an essential part of Rubedo because they protect areas from being destroyed, people attacking, or anything a protected region would need.

Add a new protection region

-region add <from_x: int> <from_z: int> <to_x:int> <to_z: int> [name: string]


-region add 20 90 300 900 "Spawn"

Remove a region

NOTE: This removes the region the player is CURRENTLY STANDING IN

-region remove

List all regions

-region list

Region Permissions

NOTE: The config.js contains a configurable list of toggles for the default permissions in the region

Changing a region's permission

NOTE: Running this will automatically change the permission of the CURRENT region the player is in

-region permission set <key: doorsAndSwitches | openContainers | pvp> <value: boolean>


-region permission set PVP false

List the current permissions for this region

NOTE: This will return the region permissions for the region the player is in

-region permission list


Minecraft Bedrock Anti CBE

This is an anti-hacked item, meaning it checks a player's inventory every tick then it tests if they have any banned items, then check if they have things that have hacked enchants, and clears the thing from inventory

Minecraft Bedrock Anti Crasher

This anti-crasher works by testing if a player has reached a location Horion's crasher teleports the player to 30 Million so we just test for That location and if they are there we kick the player (USES: player.json)

Minecraft Bedrock Anti Enchants

This is an anti enchants. This system is used to check all the player's inventory, it searches it for hacked enchants. It figures out its hacked by using a predefined max level for enchanting defined in ../Models/Enchantments.js

Minecraft Bedrock Anti Fly

This anti-fly works by detecting horizontal velocity, basically when the player has reached the FLYING_VELOCITY they are considered flying, And if they are considered flying for 1 second they will be teleported back.

Minecraft Bedrock Anti Gamemode:

This checks every tick to test if a player has entered a game mode that they shouldn't be able to get into. If the player has the staff tag it won't check the list of illegal game modes below

Minecraft Bedrock Anti NameSpoof:

This is an anti-Bad Gamertag it checks when a player joins if their name is invalid it determines its invalid by checking the length and characters in it the requirements are from Xbox Gamertag requiremnts

Minecraft Bedrock Anti Nuker

This anti-nuker works by logging every time a player breaks a block Then the next time they break a block it tests the time from now to then And if they broke a block in 50 milliseconds then we place that block back

Minecraft Bedrock Anti Bad Blocks

This anti-block place stops players from placing unwanted blocks Simply when a player places blocks it tests if that block is banned And cancels that block from being placed, (add more blocks to the list)

Minecraft Bedrock Anti Reach

Detect players who are reaching and automatically cancel that action Works with block placing, block interacting, block destroying, and hurting entities. tests by using 7 block max reach distance


Staff Management

Rubedo builds many opportunities for servers who are using It. Rubedo has a premade Staff tag that **MUST** be added to a player who wants to bypass the anti-cheat.

/tag @s add bd2b2da8-2811-4fb0-8bbd-b544dd01c2ff

This tag is grabbed from `scripts\Smelly Api\vendor\Anti Cheat\config.js` You can change it there and regenerate a new Staff Tag or choose your own. This staff tag will disable ALL Modules from running on that player


As Rubedo is Still in beta, there might be bugs that you could face. If you need support PLEASE Join the discord and submit your problems here: https://discord.gg/a9MjfydsFz


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