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Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

Ever wanted a 100% survival friendly mini-block addon that you can use to decorate your worlds but are worried about lag? Well, this addon adds over 250+ mini blocks which you can use to decorate and detail your builds without adding any lag. And yes, this does not use entities!

Over 3 months, I have tirelessly been recreating one of the most decorative assets used on Minecraft.

Mini blocks have become a staple for most creators which most maps now use. However, Bedrock players have been left in the dark, with no access to mini-blocks.

This addon adds over 250+ Miniblocks which you can use in both survival and creative.


In order to use my Miniblocks, you need to make sure you have the following toggles on:

Miniblocks Addon Discription Picture


Once in-game, you need to create a Wrench. This can be done by using the following crafting recipe:

Miniblocks Addon Discription Picture

Now, to get the mini blocks, you need to place an Iron ingot in a stonecutter to get access to all the mini blocks.

To change the direction of the blocks, you need to click on the miniblock with the wrench.

Note: these mini blocks are not entities and cannot be worn.



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