Lunar PVP

Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

Lunar PVP is a fun and unique experience where you will find yourself having fun for hours while playing? Still not convinced by that one sentence? Well here's some more reasons why you should :)

Now I would make a whole nice-looking description (Which I did but the submission just disappeared for some odd reason) but due to some bug I've lost the nice one so, this is just gonna be the bare bones of why you should play Lunar!

Some of our features:

Store your cash so 10% of it won't be lost on death and also claim interest for your money!

The Forge

Craft crate keys from resources you scavenge from the arena! And possibly soon craft kits and weapons


We have 3 fun minigames for you to play if you are bored: Jackpot parkour, Super Sumo and Concrete runners


We have 12 Tiers of kits for you to unlock and use to squish the oppisition
Increase your level by killing enemies which will allow you to do certain things


With many events for you to enjoy it will be hard to list them all with descriptions so here are our favourites.
Boss fight

Slay Kelton the cube for a mighty reward!
Mine upgrade

Replaces the PVP mine with diamonds and emeralds!
King of the hill

Control the point to earn cash!
All gens work twice as fast!

With all that and more why not join today? It's not just a PVP we also host a Prisons and Skyblock realm if you are interested!


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