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Count your kills and deaths in Minecraft simply add this pack and boom you now have a scoreboard that counts your kills and deaths. this is the number 1 best kills and deaths counter it has perfect targeting on the killer and the person who died using the latest bedrock features. 

What is A Kills and deaths tacker?

Kills are when u kill and player and he/she dies that counts as a kill so basically we have made a tracker to give the killer of that person a score of plus 1 when they kill someone! and the same thing with deaths we test if the player has died and plus one to there score


How do I use this?

Setting up kills and deaths counter is very easy and requires no work, First you download the addon from below (.mcpack recommended) and add it to your world now everytime you kill and player you will get one up to your score you can display this score using the command below:

If you want to display deaths below name do:

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay below_name deaths
If you want to display kills below name do:
/scoreboard objectives setdisplay below_name kills
You can also put this on the sidebar with the command:
/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar deaths

How Can I Add a function to run instead?

This counter is very easy to understand all you need to do is change two events inside the player.json file:

Kills and Deaths Counter Discription Picture

There are two events one that runs to the killer and one that runs to the person who died,

to change what they say we want to make it say "I died" when the person died all we do is change the killed event to that:

Kills and Deaths Counter Discription Picture

If we want to make the killer say "I killed" we put:

Kills and Deaths Counter Discription Picture

Where Can I use this:

Don't be miss led you can use this pack anywhere you want add it to your realms worlds and more


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