Java Proyectiles

Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

What does this Addon bring? The addon contains some modifications to the projectiles which are eggs, snowballs, ender pearl, arrow, so that they are a little more similar to those of java that are more accurate and faster



This Addon contains modifications in the gravities of the projectiles so that they are as similar to those of java and as accurate as possible


This addon is perfect for pvp hosts looking for faster and more accurate projectiles.




Este Addon contiene modificaciones en las gravedades de los proyectiles para que sean lo más parecidos a los de java y lo más preciso posible


Este addon es perfecto para las personas que hostean pvp y buscan que los proyectiles sean más rápidos y precisos

Java Proyectiles  Discription Picture



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obvHades bro u put the wrong pack in the description
Jul 5th 2022
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