Geometry Dash in Minecraft REMASTERED

Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

If you happen to play both Geometry Dash and Minecraft, you came to the right place! This map is for those who play those games. (And enjoy this filler. Thanks!)

Geometry Dash in Minecraft REMASTERED is a remake of DestructionDuck's discontinued Java edition map, which is still available tho, with a similar name. This parkour map is also based a game called Geometry Dash, which is available on Google Play, App Store, and Steam. This map as of now features:

  • 7 colorful levels
  • Each with it's own practice chamber for Practice Mode
  • 9 interesting gameplay mechanics
  • 14 blocky completion rewards
  • Music from the original game Geometry Dash
  • Some hidden but not sneaky easter eggs and secrets
  • And much more to explore!

The credits can also be seen in the map too, as well as the contributors and the Hall of Fame!

Click here to watch the trailer and here to watch the full showcase!

If you want more updates about this map, consider joining my Discord server or my YouTube channel!


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