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Floating Text Addon That is Actually Good, Create no-entity Floating Text, unkillable and unbreakable! This Addon is one of the best floating text addons out there create this floating text with images and custom colors too!

So What is Different?

This floating text addon has a lot different than the usual "Floating text addon", Create Custom particles, not entities, and rename them in-game, This floating text addon uses an online generator where you can download the picture and upload it into your pack. This Addon Also has the floating text indestructible this means it can't be killed/set on fire/moved/fishing rodded/etc so no hackers/exploiters can break your server like other floating text addons.

How Do I get a new Floating Text Particle?

To Create a floating text particle you first need to head over to https://mcbehub.com/floatingtextgen

This will Allow you to create a floating text picture first type what you want your text to say inside the text editor:

Floating Text Addon | No Entities Discription Picture

Next, you can change the color of all of the text with the buttons above:

Floating Text Addon | No Entities Discription Picture

Right now you can only change the color of all of the text not just specific characters (WILL BE UPDATED IN THE FUTURE)

Finally, Press the Download button at the bottom and it will download the picture to your files:

Floating Text Addon | No Entities Discription Picture

Floating Text Addon | No Entities Discription Picture


How do I add the particle to the world?

The particle file doesn't automatically generate you need to create a new file and change a few things in the file

First Download the .zip file below from the downloads

Second, open up the zip and open up into the particles folder then into floating_text:

and now you can see testtext.json this is your test floating text:

Floating Text Addon | No Entities Discription Picture


Now Open the file and you should see JSON code:

	"format_version": "1.10.0",
	"particle_effect": {
		"description": {
			"identifier": "floating_text:testtext",
			"basic_render_parameters": {
				"material": "particles_blend",
				"texture": "textures/particle/floating_text/testtext"
		"components": {
			"minecraft:emitter_rate_instant": {
				"num_particles": 1
			"minecraft:emitter_lifetime_expression": {
				"activation_expression": 1,
				"expiration_expression": 0
			"minecraft:particle_lifetime_expression": {
				"max_lifetime": 999999
			"minecraft:particle_appearance_billboard": {
				"size": [
				"facing_camera_mode": "lookat_xyz",
				"uv": {
					"texture_width": 16,
					"texture_height": 16,
					"flipbook": {
						"base_UV": [
						"size_UV": [
						"step_UV": [
						"frames_per_second": 0,
						"max_frame": 0,
						"stretch_to_lifetime": true

Now at the top of the file, you can see:

"identifier": "floating_text:testtext",

you need to change this to a different name so an example would be:

"identifier": "floating_text:spawntext",

Below that you should see:

"texture": "textures/particle/floating_text/testtext"

This Is the texture location of the picture you created from https://mcbehub.com/floatingtextgen

So change the testtext to the name you used before in the identifier

Now save the file and you should be done with that part.


Now Head back over to the main directory, click on textures then into particles then lastly into floating_text

This is where you will paste that image you download before from https://mcbehub.com/floatingtextgen

name this file the same name you used in the before changes.


How Do I Add it To My World?

Now that you have your files and pictures in the right place change the extension of the zip you downloaded to .mcpack or just move it to your behavior pack files after you decompile it.

Load the pack into your world and run the command

/particle floating_text:(THIS IS THE NAME YOU USED BEFORE) ~~~

That will summon the particle u made to your exact location because we are using ~~~.


What Updated are coming in the Future?

We Will Be Updating this addon constantly updates include:

  1. Pictures in floating text
  2. world reload compatibility
  3. color for characters and not just for all text
  4. resize image
  5. resize text font size
  6. 16,777,216 Different Colors
  7. Bold text font
  8. italic text font
  9. bold italic font
  10. realm reload compatibility
  11. behavior pack particle manager
  12. universal particle


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