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Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

CubePark Studios is a Minecraft Bedrock theme park community that creates 1:1 recreations of your favourite Theme parks. We aim for accuracy, interactivity and immersion. It's not any park if it's not a cubepark. 

Here at CubePark Studios, we construct amazing, accurate 1:1 recreations of theme parks all over the globe. We are one of Minecraft Bedrock's biggest theme park communities, which is constantly evolving, and pushing the boundaries of what can be done in Bedrock. At the forefront of all our creations is fun and enjoyment for our guests which is why we focus on interactive, immersive and enthralling experiences for all to enjoy. 

We currently offer two amazing 1:1 recreations for our guests to enjoy:

  • Thorpe Park Resort, located just off to the west of London.
  • Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, located in Orlando, Florida.


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