Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

The CrabSMP Started on the 23rd February 2022 and has followed on from the previous ShrimpSMP that started on 15th September 2021. We have seen an exponential increase in popularity since the launch of CrabSMP, gaining almost 700 members a week!

The CrabSMP is a growing Minecraft Community with over 1k+ Discord Members. We try to enhance the gameplay of the normal Minecraft Vanilla experience so players can enjoy Minecraft one more. We listen to our Community by reviewing and implementing suggestion and ideas to make the server more community involved! Here's why you should join!


・Helper and Staff Opportunities 

・Active Community

・Helpfull Staff

・Custom Mods


・Invite Rewards

・Kits And Crates

・Custom UI

・Ingame Chat Plugin

・And Much More!


If you're interested, come and take a look!


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