CivCraft Worldbuilding RP

Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

CivCraft is a world building server that allows for players to claim towns with friends, form nations, create religions, participate in an economy, and wage warfare. The world is constantly evolving with lore and fun that you can participate in. Fully survival, several mods that enhance the extra experience.

Have you ever wondered what politics, religion, and conflict would look like in minecraft? Have you ever wanted a more in depth world-like experience? CivCraft is for you! With the ability to claim towns, forge alliances and nations, create religions and more you can interact with the world in a while new way in the world of Aristos! 


Land Claims

New crops(and other ingestables)

Custom UI

New decorative blocks

A dedicated admin team

More weapons that impact play style

Dedicated Server 10GB of RAM

Server Name: CivCraft

Server Address:

Port: 25577


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