Atomic Anti-Cheat 1.0.2

Published 1st Feb 2023 by ADMIN

Atomic Anti-Cheat 1.0.2 Atomic Anticheat is used to protect worlds and realms as it has a very wide variety of features and tools desinged to make a very strong protection system for whatever it is used for. It uses test framework and a ton of code to make it very strong and the best anticheat at the moment! It is always improving! What is an Anti-cheat: An anti-cheat is something to protect your world server or realm from hackers. This is very useful as it allows your server to play normally without you worrying about hackers. It also can be used to help make the player experience better and make it easier to do things normally challenging. How do I download: This anti-cheat is very simple to download simply go to the bottom of this page and click the download my pack to get the addon instantly. Why is this anti-cheat so good? This anticheat has just released so it hasn't hit it's full potential but it has over 100+ protections and is insanely easy to use and great for any task needing to be done.


  1. Patches many command block exploit methods.
  2. Patches crasher hack (Coming Soon).
  3. Patches many used crashes (Frostwalker, Crash Signs, Paintings, etc).
  4. Autoban for holding Illegal Items (Bedrock, Barriers, Command Blocks, etc).
  5. Autoban for holding CBE Items (Fish Buckets, Flower Pots, Beehives/Beenests, etc).
  6. Clears Spawn Eggs.
  7. Stops world border passing.
  8. Patches many hacks (Fly, Phase, etc).
  9. Stops false bans.
  10. Staff, Owner, and Creative Mode protections.
  11. Does Bottom Bedrock Replace.
  12. Stops GMC/OP abuse.
  13. Bans known dangerous hackers from other realms automatically.
  14. MANY MORE!!!

Toggleable Modules:

Default everything is off, you can toggle them on.

  1. Anti CBE (Stops as much command block exploit methods as possible.) *Needed on for CBE Item autoban to work.
  2. Anti Fly (Stops players who are flying by flagging them and eventually banning them once they get enough flags.)
  3. Anti Operator Abuse (Stops people who are Creative Mode {Usually Staff} from abusing power.)
  4. Anti-Phase (Stops players from phasing through blocks and other things.)
  5. Bottom Bedrock Replace (Replaces the bottom bedrock layer with bedrock to fill void.)
  6. No Enchanted Armor (Disables all enchanted armor from being worn.)

  7. Extra Anti CBE (Stops tons more CBE methods, too many that a new module was needed to not cause clutter.)
  8. Hotbar Message (Displays a message above the itembar of players with a text that displays a certain message depending on your mode. *Can be changed *Displays entities, player count, and world spawn for Creative Mode users.)
  9. Illegal Items (Clears held items based on which ones are put in it, clears placed blocks that are banned and even kills dropped ones. *Needs to be on for Illegal Item autoban to work.)
  10. Item Ban (Allows for certain items to be banned/unbanned with the click of a button!)
  11. Item Command (Allows players to drop a specifically named item to preform a command.  {Examples: SpawnTP, HomeTP, Stats, etc.})
  12. Lag Timer (Preforms a lag clear based on entity count instead of traditional timers.)
  13. Mining Detection (Flags when a player finds a certain ore.)
  14. No E-Chest (Gets rid of Ender Chests by clearing them and making them unusable.)
  15. No Frostwalker (Removes any enchanted boots from being put on, flags if someone puts ones on.)
  16. Random Spawn (Changes the world spawn every few seconds and chooses out of 450 different spawns!)
  17. Timeplayed Ticker (Used to show how many Days, Hours, and Seconds a player has been playing for.)
  18. World Border (Sets a customizable world border that flags when someone tries to pass it and prevents them from doing so.)
  19. Anti-Oneshot (Prevents players from getting 1 tapped, used to stop 32k damage.)


What you NEED TO KNOW:

When testing in a world/realm, make sure Holiday Creator Features, Additional Modding Capabilities, and Education Edition is on.




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